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Towels are useful items around the house. From wiping your hands to drying yourself after a shower to cleaning the kitchen counter, towels are put to various uses every day. But even though everyone loves the soft, fluffy feel of a towel, not everyone pays attention to the quality of material before purchase.  There are cheap, low-quality towels found everywhere, and most people are in the habit of buying those because they aren’t expensive. But they aren’t long-lasting at all. After a few days of use, cheap towels start to pill, lose color and softness, and even lead to mold and mildew growth. The result? The additional expense of having to buy new towels every few months.

Wouldn’t it be great if a towel never lost its softness, never pilled, and stayed like new for the longest time? If that’s what you’ve always desired, then thank the Japanese, because the Onsen Bath Towel is your dream come true.

Onsen means “hot spring” in Japanese. All over the world, Japan is known for its high-quality home and grooming products, and the Onsen towel is no exception. It is considered one of the finest bath towels in the world today and boasts of incredible softness and fast drying capabilities. Onsen was a crowdfunded project on Kickstarter, garnering over $2 million even before its launch. That’s probably because the Japanese are trusted for quality and efficiency.

The founder of the company, Shane Monson, grew up in Japan and was heavily influenced by the Japanese culture. He decided to manufacture high-quality bath towels because he believes that things we rely on for our daily routines should deserve a little more attention than they usually get.

Strength and softness of the Onsen Towel

Many of us are used to a heavy towel. Heavy is often misunderstood for quality, but heavy towels take longer to dry, and the excess moisture causes mold and mildew. Onsen towels are made of 100 percent Supima cotton, grown in the US. The extra long staple of Supima cotton makes the towel ultra soft, while the strong fibers resist breakage and make the towel long-lasting. Isn’t that what we all want from a towel?

The long cotton staples also make the towel incredibly lightweight but with exceptional drying power. Not only does it dry you well but also dries itself quickly. Simply toss it on the shower rod or hang it on the doorknob and forget the feeling of a musty towel. Supima cotton also gets softer with every wash, so the longer you use the towel, the softer it gets.

Waffle Weave Construction

Onsen Towel Weave

The weave of a towel makes it heavy or light and determines its drying ability. The usual weave of towels not only makes them heavy but also retains moisture for a long time. That’s why the Onsen towel is made with a unique waffle weave. If you look closely, the pattern of the towel resembles a waffle. This curvy weave makes the towel lightweight and also increases its drying power. Not only will you enjoy the softness of the Onsen towel, but also love its breathability and how quickly it dries, no matter where you leave it.

A Chemical Free Towel

Regular towels are put through a chemical process to make them soft and fluffy. But with every wash, this superficial softness fades away, leaving the towel less comfortable and absorbent. Onsen towels are not chemically treated. Rather, they are garment-washed, leaving them naturally soft and fluffy with every use. This way, you also get to use a product that’s free from chemicals.

The Onsen towel retails for $50 online. Although far more expensive than regular towels, one Onsen towel should last you for a long time. These oversized towels are naturally soft, dry quick, and come in a variety of colors to suit your home décor. Simply get one and enjoy the luxurious feel of a bath towel every day.

Where Are Onsen Towels Made?

They are made in China according to their label.

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