Egyptian Cotton Towels

Benefits of Egyptian Cotton Towels

Benefits of Egyptian Cotton Towels

Towels might be a basic item in every household, with dozens of them scattered all around, but premium quality towels take comfort to a different level. Unlike regular towels that are commonplace, premium cotton towels lend a touch of luxury and last a long time. There are several kinds of high-end towels in the market these days, but the oldest and most famous of them all are Egyptian cotton towels.

What Is Egyptian Cotton?

For ages, Egyptian cotton has been one of the most acclaimed materials coming out of Egypt. Its durability, softness, and overall superior quality has established Egyptian cotton as the finest in the world.

This hype is not for nothing. Egyptian cotton is indeed the best in the world and stands out from the rest with its superior strength, softness, and absorbency. You might have used various kinds of natural fabric, but it remains incomplete until you have experienced Egyptian cotton. Handpicked from close to the River Nile, Egyptian cotton is made to perfection that ensures no fiber is damaged.  Egyptian cotton is hand-woven to make towels, blankets, sheets, and duvets. Towels made from Egyptian cotton are more popular than any other item.

Some of the reasons why Egyptian cotton towels are in such demand are:

  • Long fibers of Egyptian cotton make it possible to produce the finest and smoothest yarns without sacrificing the strength or quality of the fibers.
  • The strength of the fibers makes strong and durable products that last long and withstand constant use and stress.
  • The high absorbency of Egyptian cotton keeps the towels soft even with longterm use and makes the colors more vibrant and resistant.

Egyptian cotton is fondly called King of Cotton, and it isn’t unjustified. Organic cotton towels and bedding are in vogue now, and it is actually good for both us and the planet. These towels are made naturally, and leave no chemical residue on your skin when you wipe yourself.

Understanding the Thread Count

The price of Egyptian cotton towels depends on the thread count of the yarn. The higher the thread count, the softer and more luxurious the product. Some of the most popular thread counts in Egyptian cotton towels and sheets are:


  • 120-180: This is the most basic range and sells for the lowest
  • 200: This is a very lightweight and thin cotton, ideal for summer.
  • 400: This is the most widely available Egyptian cotton thread count, found in most high-end hotels across the globe. Durable, softer, and cool, the comfort of this thread count is better than the lower ones.
  • 600 and above: This is where ultimate luxury begins, be it towels or bed linen. Silky and durable, these are the finest products made from the best Egyptian cotton and are also the most expensive.

Benefits of Egyptian cotton Towels

Regular users of Egyptian cotton towels will know their myriad benefits as opposed to ordinary towels. They may be slightly on the expensive side, but the best things always come at a price. Here are some of the benefits of Egyptian cotton towels.

They Are Organic

Egyptian cotton towels are completely organic and free from chemicals. The cotton is grown without toxins, and this causes fewer allergies and other skin reactions. Your skin is the most open after a shower and using Egyptian cotton towels ensure no harmful chemicals get into your skin through the open pores.

They Are Breathable

Egyptian cotton is known to be more breathable than any other type of cotton. Not only does this make the towels more comfortable to use in summer, but also more absorbent. Even if you leave them in the bathroom after a shower, they dry within a few hours.

They Are Durable

While ordinary towels get worn out with constant use, Egyptian cotton towels get better with age. Even though they are on the expensive side, one towel can last for several years, and only get softer and stronger over time. Egyptian cotton towels give excellent value for money.

They Are the Softest

It’s hard to find a towel that’s softer than the Egyptian cotton variety. These towels keep getting softer and fluffier with age and use, making them feel luxurious. They are ideal for sensitive skin, and the hypoallergenic materials and high absorbency ensure the towels retain their softness forever.


Egyptian cotton towels are the finest you can ever use. They are natural, hypoallergenic, and feel comfortable on the skin. Once you use Egyptian cotton towels, it is hard to go back to regular ones!