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Towel Buying Guide


Buying a towel is not only a tactile experience, it is also often confusing and complicated, thanks to the different fibers, thread counts, and brands. Towels are essential items in home. From wrapping us in fluffy warmth after a shower to keeping the kitchen counter clean, they do it all. So obviously, a lot of factors should be considered when buying towels.


Here are some of the few points to consider when buying bath towels for your home.




Depending upon the purpose of the towel, there are various sizes. Standard bath towels are generally 27″ X 52″ while bath sheets are a little larger at 35″ X 60″. If you want to wrap yourself after a shower, bath sheet is the better option. There are other options too, like hand towels and wash cloths that are smaller than the average bath towel.




The weight of a towel is determined by the GSM (grams per square meter) of the fabric. Towels with a low GSM are thinner and lighter and tend to wear out easily. These are some of the cheapest towels. Towels with the highest GSM are the premium luxurious towels found in hotels and spas. They are dense and durable, but also take some time to dry. Your pick should be a towel that strikes the right balance between being absorbent and quick drying.




There are generally three types of cotton used to make different kinds of towels. Regular, everyday towels are made from standard cotton. Premium, luxurious towels, like the ones found in hotels, are usually made from Egyptian cotton. This type of cotton is handpicked to ensure purity, and is also the most expensive. Egyptian cotton towels are softer, heavier, more absorbent, and take longer to try. A great alternative to them are Turkish towels. Although not as luxurious as Egyptian cotton towels, they are highly absorbent, lighter, and dry more quickly, preventing mildew.




There are two major types of construction for towels: combed and ringspun. Combed cotton have their fibers ‘combed’ to remove shorter threads, and then the strongest and longest threads are used to weave the towel to ensure¬† durability and prevent pilling. On the other hand, ringspun cotton is made with a fine, smooth yarn derived from twisting long and short fibers together. Terry cloth towels are woven with extra yarn and larger thread loops.




Towels are used for drying and cleaning purposes, and need to be able to absorb water. Pure cotton towels are the most absorbent, compared to towels that have polyester or other synthetic fibers added to them. When talking about absorbency, it is also important to consider how fast the towel dries, because damp towels are a breeding ground for bacteria. Both Egyptian and Turkish cotton towels are highly absorbent, but Turkish towels dry sooner than their Egyptian cousins.


Having the perfect towel is one of life’s simplest pleasures and biggest luxuries. Blend your own preference with the above pointers to make the right selection.

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